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Dog Taoist

Helping humans and their pets live in harmony

Servicing St Pepperell and Surrounding Areas

How it Works

Welcome to Dog Taoist, where you and your dog will learn how to live peacefully and communicate effectively. Dog Taoist brings clarity and calm cooperation to humans and their dogs through proprietary formulas based on dog psychology, pack mentality, and leader-follower mechanics. Basically, we help you communicate with your dogs without yelling, fighting, or forcing…anything.

Schedule an Assessment

Click the link below or email us at to get started! Tell us everything about your dogs. Include your street address, cell, and pics of your dogs. We’ll start your account and schedule an assessment with you (and all your dogs/ humans) at our facility to determine which training package best suits your needs. Then we move forward with our proposed rehabilitation/training trajectory and get you scheduled in each week for a specific number of months.

Request Appointments

Using our mobile app makes  communication easy and convenient for you. You will see all scheduled training days and receive detailed session notes on the progress of your pets, their gps location, and all training services performed that day.

Lets Get Started

For all of our reservations we will keep you in the loop with a photo check-in, GPS mapping, and a visit report card.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Laureen Mowat


I reached out to Brad after my dog had become increasingly aggressive creating a safety concern for anybody coming near my home. At our first appointment, Brad spent 4 hours getting to know Lou and assessing his needs. After our first session, we already saw a change in Lou’s behavior. We are a month into our training, and Lou is like a new dog. He is no longer barking at everybody passing outside, he walks beautifully on a leash, and we aren’t afraid of what he might do next. Brad has instilled confidence in Lou and into our family. I cannot thank him and his family enough for everything. If anybody is on the fence, know that he is worth every cent and more. My only regret is that we didn’t find him sooner! 

Nicole Jacquelyn


We have a 13 week old Labrador puppy and 3 busy boys. Brad and all his trainers have been amazing to work with. At first meeting, he spent a good amount of time with Shiloh and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and handling of our puppy and all the dogs in his center. After only one training class with Brad we have noticed a change in our puppy. She is more focused, less distracted, and more easily re-directed. She has almost mastered walking on a leash with his advice and consistency. He has taken time to answer all my questions and provided me with solid support from the moment we set foot in his center. I’m so very excited to see what our puppy is going to achieve with his leadership and guidance. I can say with certainty that I would highly recommend this school for any dog and their owners!

Allison Gamache

Allison Gamache Testimonial

I am honored to write a review of my experience working with the Dog Taoist!! Brad is in a class of his own, well above all other dog trainers who pale in comparison to what he knows about dog psychology and the leader/follower mentality. He can restore order to your life and strengthen your relationship with your dog, identifying fears the dog has and how to eliminate them. He comes to your home with his pack of 5 working dogs who are his beloved pets. He will work with you on the correct use of collars, holding the leash, walking, respect, barriers, commands, etc. You must be invested and practice everything he teaches you as this is a long-term investment in your life with your dog. My dog was abused and came to us with many issues. But we learned we have issues too because, in our commitment to give Tessa a better life, we were inadvertently humanizing her and therefore adding to her problems. It was hard to hear but we all our trust and confidence in Brad and we have seen marked improvement. We cannot thank him enough!

What's Included

pet care and training

Training & Care

Our mission is to create dogs that calmly and willingly cooperate with our commands. We do this by conditioning them to follow your lead and instructing you to be a calm, confident leader. Each training session is a FULL DAY from 8:30am-3:30pm and includes the following: Treadmill training, Walk bys, Place, 1:1 basic commands, Clicker Training,  Positive socializing including IGNORE and BARK STOP, Agility, Parkour, Crate, Loose leash and Pack Walking. We look at every dog/human relationship as a complex dynamic that requires clear interspecies communication. Then we build a foundation focused on pack mentality and dog psychology. Advanced Training not included ( E Collar, Off Lease, Recall, Backpack Training, Advanced Agility, Scent Work, Competition Agility ) “>

Scout Report Card

Report Card

Each check in/check out includes a 5 minute walking update and consult. Every check out includes a detailed report card on the days progress and challenges.

Dog Love + Affection 1

Love + Affection

We love dogs! But love doesn’t rehabilitate or “fix” our dogs undesirable behaviors or emotions. We focus on safe, effective methods to help create new imprints and teach sustainable lessons for each dog and their human. This requires active participation from all care givers in their lives. Each of our animal handlers (dog/human harmonizers)  are well-trained and and capable of leading your dogs in all situations. We guarantee that your pet will be getting the absolute best treatment and they will grow to love their full training days every week!